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  • 10 Dangerous Myths about the Middle East

    It’s always been this way, so why try to be a peacemaker. All the “bad guys” can be killed and then there won’t be any more. The Islamic religion is why the Middle East is a mess. An American form of Democracy works great for …

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  • 10 Dangerous Myths about Islam and Muslims

    Islam is a religion of violence. By definition, if you’re a Muslim, then the natural and obvious working out of your religion is to be violent. Muslims are backward in general. They don’t have a complex or high culture. Muslims are Arabs. Or…Arabs are Muslims. …

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  • Finding Beauty in Chaos

    We are in Egypt. Cairo. 20 million crammed into a small flat dusty piece of land. Smog. Heat. Traffic. I write this as we return from a few hours of filming at the Pyramids. We’ve moved about 500 yards in a half hour. Crammed into …

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  • Finding Faith in Arabia

    Maybe you’ve heard that the Arab Gulf is a hard place. I always have… Serious Muslims. Persecution of Christians. Generally people bent on terrorism….or at least funding it. You should ask my kids. So far we’ve experienced the most intense hospitality ever. Today the Muslim …

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  • I am Saving the World….Yippee!

    I think that age, has, well…aged me. Honestly and most seriously, if you had asked me a few years ago what I was doing. Just that – Carl, what are you doing? I would have looked you in the eye and said “Saving the Middle East.” Not the whole world, just the Middle East. About 100 million or so….

    I would have wrapped it in some Theo-talk. You know. Things like “Working with the Holy Spirit to do His will.” Or maybe, “Doing what I see the Father doing.” Or even, “Lifting up Jesus and letting His Spirit do the heavy lifting.” You know the stuff… But honestly, I thought I was doing a good 50% of the work. Okay, maybe 40%.

    I had charts. Goals. Hard targets. Dates and ways and means. Teams. Staff. Structure. Initiatives and meetings. I was doing everything from starting church planting movements to discipling nations. Leading Muslims to Christ. The Great Commission wrapped seamlessly inside the Great Commandment. Loving God and Neighbor. Writing. Speaking. TV. Radio. Content and purpose driven. Driven. Oh…that word. Driven.

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  • An Open Letter to my Muslim Friends….

    I’m writing this to real people. You know who you are. I am thinking of you when I write this. You live in the Middle East. In America. You are young. And some slightly less so. Wealthy. Middle Class. Sunni. Shi’ite. Serous Muslims. And some not so much. But you are my friends. I’d do anything for you. I love you. You know that.
    Now here’s the deal. Many of my Christian friends here in the States don’t really understand my love for the Arab world. For the Muslim world. They think I’ve compromised truth. The truth mainly being that unless you receive Jesus Christ as your Master (lord) and personal savior by acknowledging your sin and his death on the cross to atone that sin – you’re doomed to an eternity without hope and life. Hell.
    So when I seem to act as if I love and respect you as you are, they – my well meaning Christian friends here – get nervous. Not about you….about me. They wonder why I don’t tell you. That if I really and truly loved you, I’d tell you.

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  • 10 Reasons why you Should Like Arabs

    10 Reasons why you Should Like Arabs
    WARNING: There are some stereotypes in here. However, I felt it was fair to use some positive stereotypes since mostly the negative ones have prevailed in Western media.
    Let’s do it the David Letterman way and count down from 10:
    Number 10. Arabs are not homogeneous. So let me start by saying all that I’m abou tto say is hard to justify as I am, in fact, stereotyping with the broadest of brushes. Because they are many cultures within a bigger culture. An “Arab” is really only someone who speaks Arabic. They are Christians and Muslims and Druze. There are Arabs who are Israeli citizens and those who are Palestinians. They are rich (Dubai) and poor (Yemen). To say “Arabs” is really like saying “Westerners.” It’s way too broad – but if you know that, it makes it a little easier to understand them. When you know the “them” you’re talking about can’t easily be defined.

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  • Thanksgiving with Indians

    When my buddy Brad Corrigan ( invited our family to spend Thanksgiving at the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, we immediately said yes….then thought about it…

    We’ve had a tradition the last few years of spending that precious holiday with some of our dearest friends here in Denver. Doing the usual. Eating and watching football. It’s a lot of fun and very relaxing. And we love it!

    But this just seemed like the right thing to do. For several years in Lebanon we had collected some of the kids’ toys and traveled to the Bekaa Valley and visited nomadic Bedouin Arabs for this day of giving thanks. It was funny because each year as we’d ask our three young children to collect some things to give away, they’d invariably come back with their nicest and most expensive toys to donate – causing conflicted thoughts in their parents. 🙂

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  • Rate Your Church Experience

    I’ve long wondered how other people “experience” church? Is it positive? Negative? Probably a bit of both. Well, now’s your chance to rate how you’ve felt about church over the years.

    Here’s what this is NOT: It is not an opportunity to complain publicly about church. It is not about your theology of church. It’s not even how good your church is – or how good they’ve been in the past.

    It is simply – your personal experience of going to and being part of any given local church.

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  • Author: US Christians Should Extend Grace to Arab World

    An interview I recently did for The Christian Post:

    By Mark Hensch | CP Contributor

    Carl Medearis is a writer equally at home in East and West. Currently residing in Denver, Colo., he also spent 12 years in Beirut, Lebanon. These experiences have made the scribe a specialist on Christian-Muslim relations and a rare voice linking Americans with the Arab world.

    Medearis’ work on both sides of the Atlantic produced 2008’s Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships. It quickly gained popularity as an important guide for interfaith interaction, and has since been turned into a video seminar series for churches and missionaries that was released in September.

    In an interview with The Christian Post, Medearis maintains that peace between Christians and Muslims remains vital as the number following each faith closes. With 9/11’s legacy still looming large a decade later, he argues that Christians and Muslims must cooperate to keep the world safe.

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