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  • Do you Know Any Muslims?

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  • My Most Embarrassing Moment

    Recently one of our kids told me that if I ever wrote an autobiography I should call it “Fertilizing the Middle East: WMD’s and International Incidents of Diarrhea,” or something like that. I must have more stories of loose bowels in inappropriate places and with the greatest possible amount of embarrassment than anyone in the world. Here’s the funniest of all time!

    I went to Iraq in May of 2001. Three months before 9/11. Saddam Hussein hosted a Muslim-Christian dialog conference in Baghdad and I was invited to attend. There were about 50 Westerners total (mostly Christians) and the other 4950 were Iraqis and other Arabs (mostly Muslim, but some from Christian backgrounds).

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  • Is there an “art” to being a good neighbor?

    Mostly our neighbors are good to us. They’ve watched our house when we’re gone. They’ve mowed our yard. Taken out our garbage. Fed our dog and cat. Sprayed our weeds (mostly so they don’t invade their yards). Got our mail. And that’s all in the last month.

    Most of them know our garage code. Our girls have babysat all their kids. Held neighborhood art classes. They’ve all ate at our house. We share eggs and milk. They’re just good people. So….what’s the secret? Ready? Here it is – we’re nice to them. They’re nice to us because we’re nice to them. Or is it the other way around? I don’t even know who was nice to who first. Doesn’t matter. We all like each other.

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  • Choose Compromise!

    When was the last time someone of faith said to you – “You really need to compromise more often brother.” It’s probably never happened.

    I am sometimes accused of “compromising.” Usually the person means that I didn’t speak or act in a manner that upheld their standard of what i should have said or done. Fair enough. For sure there are things we should never waiver on. But those things have become less and less for me as I grow older and (I think) closer to God. Jesus said in John 6:29 that the “work of God is to believe in the one he has sent.” God’s work is believing in Jesus. I won’t compromise on that. But….believe what? How? And where?

    Paul said in First Corinthians 2:2 that he has “resolved to know nothing but the crucified Christ.” Imagine if we knew NOTHING but Christ. Just Jesus. That’s either not very much, or everything, depends how you look at it.

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  • What’s Going on in Syria – Behind the Scenes

    Have you wondered what the REAL story is in Syria? What’s motivating things behind the scenes? No one knows for sure, but here’s my opinion.

    It’s about Iran and Israel. Here’s why.

    The country of Iran is not an imminent or direct threat to Israel’s security. President Ahmadinejad likes to threaten Israel, but it’s for show. The Hamas are also not a threat – they are contained and have no real weapons. They are more of a thorn in the flesh than an actual threat. The only real threat to Israel is the Hezbollah of Lebanon.

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  • My Plan to Become Like Jesus: Part Two

    If you remember, I started to form a personal plan to become more like Jesus. I did this by recording (on Facebook) all the ways I am NOT like Jesus – thought that might be a good place to start. I mentioned 30 things that Jesus does or thinks that I don’t. I stopped there as I realized I could probably go on forever. But they were the first 30 that came to mind.

    I should say this – when I say “be more like Jesus” here’s what I mean. I want to be more like Jesus. There. Now that that’s cleared up…..

    My next step is to take the things Jesus said more seriously than I have before. Believe me, I take him seriously. I take what he says seriously. But I want to do more of that. That would include being playful, funny, sarcastic and irreligious in the ways he was.

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  • The Leader of Chrislam

    The Leader of Chrislam

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  • How’d I get here?

    Interesting day in the life….. I met with a top Saudi general who told me the whole key to the Middle East was Yemen. Since I’ve spent time there we had a lively and interesting talk about the very unique Yemeni situation , the U.S. policies towards that ancient country and what a committed believer in God might do to help.

    Then I had lunch with a dear Muslim friend here in Saudi and we discussed the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus for two hours.

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  • 5 Steps to getting Published

    I’m not a great “how to” guy. Tons of people finished my book “Speaking of Jesus” and then emailed or messaged me and said something like: “So. I’ve read your book. Great job. Loved it. But what do I do now?” 🙂

    So I’m really the last guy to write a how-to blog about anything. However, I’ve been asked dozens of times in the last year to explain how I did it. The “it” is getting published.

    If I were to list my credentials – which, of course, we all know isn’t very godly….here’s what I’d say:

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  • Why do I read the Bible every day?

    Okay, so I don’t read it every day, but almost. Have all my life. I probably started reading it pretty seriously when I was about 12 – now I’m, uh, 50. So I think that’s 38 years of reading the same book. Over and over. I’ve read it straight through several times but I find that painful – as some parts are boring.

    I mostly pick and choose. Sometimes I’ll spend a half hour sort of flipping back and forth and letting my eyes fall on certain portions and then either moving on quickly or allowing myself to be pleasantly distracted and get lost in that passage. Not often, but sometimes I lose track of the time and realize I’ve read through a whole book – maybe an hour or even more.

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