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  • My #1 Mentor

    Well, here we are – at #1. The one who has taught me most, influenced me most and even trained me most. You guessed it – my wife, Chris.

    Before I dive into this one, let me reiterate that there are MANY others who could be on this list. Mentoring, and being mentored, is not a science, it’s an art. It’s about friendships that shape you. And I’ve had many over the years. They come at opportune times to teach a lesson. There names are Grant and Nathan and Sameer and Floyd and Greg and Bart and Mike and….. SO many that I and we are grateful for. You know who you are and so does God. Thank you.

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  • John Wimber. My #2 Mentor

    My wife, Chris, and I were married on June 7th, 1986. A wonderful day! We took a week-long honeymoon (camping at Lake Powell) and came back for another week off to settle in to our new apartment in Colorado Springs. At the time, I was the part time Singles Pastor at a large church in town. We had a Sunday off to we decided to visit this new thing called “The Vineyard.” It was a weird little church with about 40 people meeting in a Grade School gym. Metal chairs. A pastor who played the guitar in a rock ‘n roll band – and everyone drinking coffee and eating donuts. Very strange.

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  • My Mentor #3

    Doug Coe will be mad when he finds out I’ve done this. He doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. He doesn’t do interviews. Doesn’t write books or articles. Doesn’t have a website or Facebook page. Doesn’t even (personally) do emails. He’s a purest. His idea is that Jesus influenced the whole world without any of those things – so he should as well. Not a bad thought….

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  • My Mentor #4

    Many of you know the name “Samir.” He has been a central figure in so many of my stories. I got to know him and his family through his oldest son who was part of our university student work called “The Olive Grove” in the late 90’s.

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  • Mentor #5

    My “Core Group.”

    I grew up around organizational boards and accountability groups. When we moved to Lebanon in 1992 we had a board. But I knew that our legal non-profit board wouldn’t be enough – we’d need more. So I formed an email list in 1994 and called it “My Accountability Team.” I added basically added any and every one I respected. I think it was about 20 people.

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  • My Top Ten Life Mentors

    The Scriptures do not call us to evangelize and convert – they call us to “make disciples.” That’s what Jesus asked his original followers to do – and he still asks that from us today. Make disciples. Apprentices. We are to be apprenticed to Jesus himself. We are his disciples. Followers. This is how we find life – to believe in, follow and love the ways and person of Jesus the Christ.

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  • I am a Fan!

    There’s a great book out these days called “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman.

    The title and the book makes a ton of sense – Jesus doesn’t just want “fans” he wants people who are fully devoted to him and follow him. I couldn’t agree more.

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  • Why do Muslims Persecute Christians?

    Do Muslims persecute Christians? And if so….why? Are there reasons? Or none? Watch as Mustafa Akyol gives a helpful short response to this difficult question.

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  • “Where are all the Moderate Christian Voices….?”

    I was recently here at our home in Denver, when my friend Mustafa Akyol asked a question that surprised even me – “Where are all the moderate Christian voices who speak out against violence towards Muslims, American wars in Muslims lands and the plight of the Palestinians?”  

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  • Does the Quran teach Muslims to hate or kill Christians and Jews?

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