A blog about Nothing

I’ve realized I always write these intense blogs and then end up arguing with someone who loves Christianity or is suspicious of Muslims…Ugh. Why do I do that?  🙂

Most of the time, I like to enjoy life with my family and friends.  I love to fish and ski and hunt and play tennis and…watch sports on the weekend. I enjoy ping pong and foosball and eating pizza – that’s what we’re doing with friends tonight.

And I LOVE spending time with God. Thinking, praying, singing, reading.  Alone or with people. in church, or outside.  I can worship with my Muslim friends or conservative right-wing Christians.  Doesn’t matter.

And I love the very thought of following Jesus. Being like him. Thinking like him and doing what he did. I’m horrible at it, but the challenge gets me fired up!  I love the challenge – to be like Jesus.  Wow. Imagine if I was?

That’s it. Just some ramblings at the end of a long week.  Now…let’s watch Game 7 of the World Series!



  1. kati says:

    I love the very thought of sitting with jesus. his breath in the room, his gestures of his hands, his gaze, the rhythm of his voice in the air.

    I wonder if i’d be able to speak a word, with jesus in the room.