Are you afraid of Muslims?

Are you afraid of Muslims? Most are. For some good reasons too. The recent attempted bombing has made people nervous to fly again, not to mention, the daily bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Ask yourself these question to determine your Fear Factor (be honest):

  1. When you see four Muslims walking toward you on a downtown street – maybe a man with a long beard and certain dress, or a woman with her head covered – what is your first emotion?
  2. What do you think when you see another suicide bombing in a foreign country?
  3. What did you think on Christmas when you heard about the Nigerian man’s attempt to blow up the flight on the way to Detroit?
  4. When you hear that your friend bought a copy of the Qur’an and is reading it – and enjoying it – what is your reaction?

Prejudice is a deeply rooted emotion that is based on a certain reality, but that never leads us into freedom.

So…I might say the following truism: It seems that many who have committed acts of terrorism in the last 10 years have been Muslims. Or I might say this: Muslims have strange beliefs, and it seems to me, that some of these beliefs allow them to kill people in the name of God.

There might be a lot of truth to both of these statements – we could argue details for a long time about both sentences, but let’s just say that there is definitely some truth in them. And so much “truth” is the perception of the person uttering it – so if someone feels that “Muslim” equals “Terrorists”, then in one sense, that becomes “true” for that person.

My only question is – what do we do about this as followers of Jesus and his way? What do we do with our emotions? What do we do with the average Muslim who is clearly NOT a terrorist? And…most difficult of all, what do we do with an actual Muslim terrorist?

I have thoughts about each of those questions….stay tuned and chime in with your thoughts!


  1. Grandma Karin says:

    When I wrote our Christmas ‘epistle’ I commented on the angel’s message to the shepherds. “Don’t be afraid”. I also said that no matter how hard I try to not fear, I am afraid. At times the harder I “try” the more difficult it becomes.

    The second part of the angel’s message is that a Saviour is born. That is where my answer lies for fear, for all the stuff going on inside this mind. I cannot live the life that Jesus has given me at salvation in my own strength. I need the Saviour every day, every hour….. By faith I want to believe that the Holy Spirit will live that life through me.

    Yes, in my own self I am afraid of Muslims and am afraid of so many people who I know nothing about. But I want God to change me and I ask Him for that…..

    Thank you for continuing to challenge my thinking.
    I so wish I was free on January 16. Any other Alberta engagements?

  2. Susanne says:

    I find Muslims intriguing, not really scary. I just am greatly annoyed when the radical ones try to kill others. But I have very dear Muslim friend — and they even live in that “Axis of Evil” called Syria! 😉

  3. Diana says:

    I have muslum friends in the passed 20 years and i think that people are not just afraid of but thay just don’t know there coulcher and language. And i think that people are afraid of what thay don’t know.For years people have been afraid of diffrent caltures becouse thay don’t understand it’s time to just talk and try and understand them as indaviduals not there culter or language all we have to do is try to show a little kindness and a little goes a long way not just for them but for you to it’s called boldness it will get easyer the more you try and be more like jesus,lets just show some love and compation on all sides and things will change within each of us.

    1. suan says:

      There was a time when people feared the “communists” . Then we studied communism and that fear sort of went away. Today we fear “Muslims” …..

      How would I feel as a Christian, to hear people say they fear me? What would I do to protect myself? my savior, Jesus? and my church which I love and spend, time talent and treasure on?

      Muslims are people who have taken up a certain belief system and like Christians, some have more or less understanding of their belief system.

      Remember the “HOLY WARS”?
      Who fought and why?

      Humans can be passionate people and so I come back to the Bible and Christianity- the belief system that I know best. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, sent by God to save people from their sins and the Bible tells me that all I have to do is to believe in this one fact in order to have eternal life. It also tells me that in the meantime, (before I die) I am to live as God directs me to. This means I have to pay attention to God in my life, in everything I do and say. Of course there are questions like how do I know what God is telling me to do etc….He made me with a conscience and gave me intelligence and above all He commands all Christians to love God and neighbors as well as themselves. If I did as He says, there is no room for fear! I have learnt that God loves ALL people and I am to do likewise. He tells me to share the Gospel. He says that conversion is His spirit’s work and I am to leave it to the Holy Spirit, after I do my job of sharing what the Bible teaches.

      Have I shown love to all people, everyday is the question for me to live by. If we, as Christians, lived by this daily, can you imagine the results?

  4. Ralph T. says:

    The world Islam means submission, we used to call them Mohammedans and understood Mohammedanism is a cult and perversion of Judaism and Christianity.
    Now we have these uncertain trumpet type people like this Carl who mollycoddles prevaricates and confuses. It is precisely because of this type of “Christian” that normal people don’t want to darken a church door.

    1. Now THERE’S a comment I like. Any takers?

    2. Grandma Karin says:

      I am not sure what a normal person might be like! I kinda like “uncertain trumpet type people” I guess, at least when they proclaim the truth of the gospel to ‘love God and love people’. Had to look in the dictionary for the meaning of prevaricate. I know I am simple minded…..

  5. al ballard says:

    i thank the trinity for many things in ’09, but two are amazing, my introduction to the book “the shack,” which opened my eyes to a loving trinity; and listening to the truth in love coming from carl sharing his experiences. it’s easy to join the crowd condemning; however, it is much easier to follow the crowd who exhibits our saviors heart.

  6. richard says:

    To Ralph —

    Peace be unto you.

    Muslims make up about a quarter of the world’s population (plus/minus a bunch). My reading of the Bible says that God loves them, and wants them to know Him.

    I suspect Carl’s view will make it safer for them to consider what He has to say to them about Himself.

    Emotional words like “perversion” will drive them away.

    I don’t need an emotional label. I believe in right and wrong. For me – Christianity is the way, truth, and life.

    I Cor 6:2 guides me for anyone outside the Church – and this includes Muslims.

    I think this kind of attitude welcomes people to darken the church door.

    With regard to these teachings – I think they illuminate more than they confuse.

    To my knowledge – the only thing God tells to fear is himself. I think that would preclude fearing what you call the perverted Mohammedans.

  7. Irene says:

    My study group is reading Christians, Muslims and Jesus as part of our effort to understand Islam. I would like to know why Carl uses the Gospel of Luke to introduce Muslims to Jesus.