Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/10

In this final video blog from the Middle East, Carl talks from the beach in Tel Aviv about the simplicity of Jesus and the answer that He is to all the chaos, questions, and conflict — not just in the Middle East, but in every single one of us.


  1. Alex Horn says:


    I am a good friend of Del Vanessen and have been for several years. His son, Caleb, is my best friend from high school and we still are very close. A few years back they introduced me to you when you were at their house in Centennial CO but im sure you dont remember me (not a problem). You may remember a few years back in 2003 or 2004 when you spoke at a mens retreat for Grace Chapel up in the mountains. They recorded you there. I found those messages on my Ipod a few weeks ago and have been listening to them. And i just wanted to let you know how much of an encouragement they have been for me. I have been at a place in my life full of questions and doubt (which i dont think are all that bad), but the hard part was that i was answerless. Not that its all about finding answers to life, but your words and teachings have really brought a renewed desire to seek hard after christ to me. His mystery, radical behavior, even his “nuttiness” has become so attractive to me lately. I dont want to take up any more of your time, but i just wanted to let you know you are a great encouragement to me. If you ever were in denver or the springs and not too busy i would love to get together with you and talk. But i am sure you are quite busy. Anyways, thanks for all you do

    Your friend,