God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy

Billy Currington has a country song with that title. Is it true? The first part is for sure – God is Great! And personally, I think there’s not much better than a tall cold one on a hot day as you watch the football game with friends!

But is it true that “people are crazy”? Well, have you ever known any? People, that is. I’ve known a few, and….well….uh…it MIGHT be true.

What do we do with Crazies? Nutcases? Absolute Whackos? Well, I know this gets old, but what if we look at Jesus for an answer. I know, I know. Here we go again – Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Hey, I’m happy to switch over if you can find someone more interesting. Enlightening. Enjoyable or profound. But so far, he still wins!

What did Jesus do with Crazy People? Well, it depends. With the Religious Crazies – he rebuked them. But he didn’t rebuke the religious crazies from other religions – he loved them. He rebuked the crazies from his own religion. Do you see where I’m going with this?

With demoniacs, and other sinner Crazies – well, he delivered them. Loved them. Set them free. Gave them life.

So…simple lesson – let’s look for a modern day example and try to make this practical. Oh, I have it – Ahmadinejad of Iran. He’s officially Crazy. What ought we to do with such a crazy? He’s a Religious Nut-Job, but not one of our own, so we can’t do the “rebuke him” thing that Jesus saved for his own kind. We may have to treat him like a sinner. A demoniac. An Outsider Crazy, not a crazy one-of-us. Too bad. Darn it. This may mean we have to love him. Heal him. Give him life. Set him free.

But how? Glad you asked. Here are some ideas of how we can act like Jesus to the leader of Iran:

  1. Pray for him. Whenever you see him on TV or hear someone say something or write something about him – take 10 seconds and pray for him!
  2. Write him a letter or call the Iranian Section in D.C. and tell them you’re praying for blessing on them. The address and phone number is: Iranian Interests Section, 2209 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007.  Telephone: [1] (202) 965-4990.
  3. Go visit him. Don’t laugh. You’d be surprised what you can do if you simply step out of the boat and try! Check this out: http://www.irpedia.com/.  Start saying something nice about him when your friends and colleagues say mean things. Things like “I know he’s short, but don’t you think he’d be kind of cute if he combed his hair.”
  4. Pray. Did I mention this one? If nothing else – it’ll change your heart!


  1. Sally Dixon says:

    Hi Carl, as usual this blog is challenging, inspiring and gets me thinking out of the box! Where I live in East London we have a big Muslim community and many of us in our church have some really good friendships – they’re our neighbours and we want to do what we can to demonstrate Jesus’s love to them. Yesterday one of the young guys from our church took our youth leader along with him to meet a guy from the local mosque. This guy is a British convert to Islam and is apparently very radical. He spent 3 hours last night trying to tell our guys why Islam is the way and asking them for evidence for what they believe. In response they just kept talking about Jesus and about how he’s changed their lives. A group of us are meeting regularly to pray for our community and this guy will feature high on our list now! It’s a challenge to know how to respond to this kind of ‘in your face’, almost aggressive attitude – but all I know is that Jesus has shown us how to love and how to live another way …
    By the way, I’m still hoping you’ll be able to fit in visiting our church next summer – we are in the fortunate position of rubbing shoulders with muslim people wherever we go – at work, at school, on the street, in our homes – everywhere! So your input would be really valuable. In the meantime I really appreciate your website as we seek how to love these muslim friends better. With thanks,

  2. Charles Kohl says:

    Excellent points Carl! It almost makes me want to become a fan – but wouldn’t that make me a groupie?

  3. Gary Taylor says:

    So, there we were in church and the visiting pastor started his wind up with, “Ain’t God Good?”. Our 4.6 year old grandson, with ample country music around the house he’s home schooled in, blurts out correcively and loudly, “No, God is GREAT, beer is good!” True story.

  4. Jeux says:

    I totally agree with you. I really like your interesting article. Thank you so much for making me happy for some time.

  5. Randy Reinhardt says:

    I am new to your blog; however, I wanted to make a comment on the “God is GREAT! Beer is Good,” etc. theme. I find only one problem with your argument; however, it is a very serious flaw, as far as I am concerned, being a Bible believing Christian! It has to do with drinking beer! My problem is this . . . our Muslim friends can’t drink beer with us! :-}

  6. jd says:

    Great song, great post and yes a GREAT GOD! I just watched session 3 on the ‘A Story for the Heart’ DVD & your approach to sharing Jesus is soooooo freeing. Let’s be real about the way He’s touched our heart & forget all the junk of our religion(s).
    God Bless