I’ve been surprised over the last weeks how much fear has been expressed by numerous friends about the possibility of Obama getting elected. Now he has been. What to do with all that lingering fear floating around?

I’ve been dealing with this for years – after I speak – nearly every time…a few people come up to me and say something like “nice talk about Jesus and Muslims, but…” The “but” they insert is typically followed by something about Muslims being scary and that we need to fight the terrrorists.

Fear is a powerful motivator. There’s been plenty of that in this election. Of course, no one says “be afraid.” Wouldn’t sound godly. It’s called “Wisdom.” “Responsibility.” Or just “be aware.”

I just finished reading Romans 12. It says “don’t repay evil with evil.” “Don’t take revenge.” “Love your enemies.”

It’s pretty clear that only God is to be feared. If we’re afraid of someone, it becomes impossible to love them.

Regardless of who you voted for, now is the time to drive out any remaining fear with love. Three thoughts on how we might do this:

1. Only say positive things about Obama and where this nation might be headed. Don’t say anything negative. Nothing. Not to anyone. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy.

2. Do not read any emails that breed fear. If you find yourself angry or fearful after reading an email, know that that email is not of God. Delete and do not forward.

3. Learn something positive about whoever or whatever it is that you’re afraid of. It might take a bit of work, but find out all the good things about that person or thing.

Do this and you will live in freedom. We need to be people of hope, faith and love. And the greatest of these is love.



  1. Don White says:

    Carl, thanks for these very insightful comments! I always appreciate your perspective in pointing us to Jesus and His way of living and thinking. A friend of mine just said, “I’m more concerned about the condition of the church than the state of the government.”

  2. Ty says:

    Wonderful thought. It reminds me of the exhortation to not let any unwholesome speech come out of our mouth but rather what is useful for building others up. I, too, see this within the spirit of what Jesus lived and taught.

  3. Doctor Future says:

    Brother Carl,

    I host (as a volunteer gig) a radio show on WENO, AM 760, a popular Christian Talk radio station in Nashville, TN, called “Future Quake” every day at 4 PM, and have a large national Internet listening audience at http://www.futurequake.com. I try my best to get my Christian brothers and sisters (and myself) to think and challenge our culture and assumptions. A number of wise Christian brothers I respect highly regard your book “Muslims, Christians and Jesus”. I think it is an ideal topic for my show. Please let me know if you be willing to conduct a pre-recorded telephone interview for the show, at a time of your choosing. We like to get in-depth in our discussions, so we would like to do up to an 84 minute interview, if you can spare us the time (we would have even more to discuss than that amount of time permits us). If you are willing to do that, please email me at drfuture@nullfuturequake.com to confirm it, and so we can work out the details. In the meantime, God Bless you and your work for the Kingdom.

    J. Michael Bennett, Ph.D

  4. Krissy says:

    This is very encouraging. Looking forward to reading more from you.